Wyoming Outdoor Council

Established in 1967, the Wyoming Outdoor Council (WOC) is the state’s oldest and largest independent conservation organization. Their mission is to protect Wyoming’s environment and quality of life now and for future generations. Protect Our Water Jackson Hole has been working closely with WOC to raise awareness about local water quality issues and encourage local agencies to take action. Together, we will continue to work toward modernized wastewater regulations, including engaging on revisions to Teton County’s small wastewater facility regulations and advocating for a comprehensive wastewater management plan.

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Jackson Hole Public Art Wild Walls Exhibit

Jackson Hole Public Art’s Wild Walls murals promote a greater understanding and awareness about local water quality issues through a series of large format artwork displayed in public spaces throughout Jackson Hole. Protect Our Water Jackson Hole sponsored the augmented reality content that is woven into these murals as a way to provide community-wide education about how individuals can conserve local water quality. Click on the image below to learn more about the project. You can even download the Artivive app on your phone to interact with this image of the mural by pointing your camera at each animal to hear what they have to say about Jackson Hole water quality.

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Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition

Protect Our Water Jackson Hole is a founding member of The JH Clean Water Coalition, which arose from a collective desire to address the signs of impairment evident in Jackson Hole’s rivers and streams. As a group, we’re committed to significantly reducing the community’s pollution load to Jackson Hole’s waterways by engaging individuals, businesses, organizations, and government agencies in collaborative, science-based programs and initiatives to address the causes of our degraded water quality.

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