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JH News & Guide, November 2, 2022

Glamping, storage projects hit more hurdles

Sewage disposal, buried trash, new access bog down state land permits.

Enforcement is lagging despite Teton County commissioners warning builders to halt construction on state trust lands near Teton Village until they get county permits.

County Commission board Chair Natalia Macker signed two letters last Friday that were sent to the glamping and storage companies telling them to “cease immediately” until both companies had a plan to obtain standard county permits.

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WyoFile, October 31, 2022

Jackson Hole conflict threatens local control statewide, senator warns

Electeds approved one thing but state-backed developers are building another, despite Teton County’s wishes, officials charge.

Teton County lawmakers, other officials, and environmental watchdogs have accused a state agency of running roughshod over local governance, threatening in the process both local water quality and community’s rights statewide.

The Office of State Lands and Investments drew heavy criticism last week for allowing a leach field to be installed for a “glamping” site on sensitive state school trust land in Teton County in an area with already troubled groundwater.

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JH News & Guide, October 26, 2022

County wants pause on glamping and storage development near Teton Village

Commissioners say lack of oversight puts public’s health, safety at risk.

Teton County commissioners are warning that they might put a temporary stop to the early stages of construction on state trust land near Teton Village until the owners of two companies erecting storage units and glamping sites obtain county permits.

The commissioners’ decision to enforce health, safety, and environmental protection regulations comes after neighbors and Protect Our Water JH publicly called out Basecamp Hospitality LLC for not sticking to the water or land protections they promised in their permit application.

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Buckrail, October 25, 2022

Clean Water for SPET

Our community has an opportunity to prioritize clean water through the upcoming Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET).

Once-in-a-generation Federal funding opportunities are now available for clean water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. However, these funding sources will require local government to provide matching funds. Support the #15 Water Quality Projects SPET measure which will provide these matching funds.

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Buckrail, October 25, 2022

Conservation-focused candidate forum

The only conservation-focused candidate forum goes down tonight at Center for the Arts.

Hosted by the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance and Protect Our Water Jackson Hole, the free forum is open to all voters who want to learn how candidates for Town and County offices will address the changes and challenges that face Jackson Hole residents, its water, its wildlife, and its wild places.

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Buckrail, October 20, 2022

BCC approves petition for Hoback Junction Water and Sewer District

The Teton County Board of County Commissioners approved a petition for the formation of the Hoback Junction Water and Sewer District during their Oct. 18 meeting.

Fifty-one landowners, including Teton County, were identified to be included in the new district. The petition was verified by the Teton County Clerk and the district map was approved by the Wyoming Department of Revenue and the Teton County Assessor.

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Buckrail, October 18, 2022

POWJH talks water quality with local candidates

Ahead of the November 8th election, POWJH talked with local town and county candidates to better understand how they plan to prioritize water quality if elected. Candidate’s responses have been compiled into videos to better inform the community. POWJH invited every town council, county commissioner, and state representative candidate to speak.

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JH Daily, October 12, 2022

Wyoming DEQ wants town wastewater plant to monitor ammonia in Flat Creek

State officials wonder if wastewater facility has impacts ‘we’re not aware of.’

While state officials are interested in understanding whether the plant may be depositing ammonia into Flat Creek, they aren’t planning to establish limits on how much of the compound that’s toxic to fish can be deposited into the Snake River.

“The main issue here is the dilution that’s available in the Snake River,” said Jason Thomas, program manager for the DEQ’s Wyoming Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.

The draft permit contains new provisions about monitoring Flat Creek but also removes requirements for the town plant to monitor ammonia levels annually in wastewater discharge. Town officials monitor on a monthly basis.

The plant does struggle to break down ammonia, particularly in the winter. Consultants found that the plant struggles in colder months because bacteria in the lagoons that break down ammonia — separate species from those that treat organic waste — are sensitive to temperature.

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JH News & Guide, October 12, 2022

Clean Water for SPET

Guest Shot by Meghan Quinn, Executive Director of Protect Our Water JH

Teton County is currently facing water quality impairments in Fish and Flat Creeks and drinking water issues around Hoback Junction. Our community has an opportunity to prioritize clean water through the upcoming Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET).

Ballot item No. 15, the Water Quality Projects SPET measure, will fund projects to reduce pollution in our prized Fish Creek and Flat Creek.

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JH Daily, October 5, 2022

Commissioners block Fish Creek subdivision

Teton County commissioners denied a proposal to conserve about 49 acres of what Wyoming Game and Fish has confirmed is “moose crucial winter and year-round range.” The offer to conserve land above Fish Creek Road in Wilson was in exchange for adding four houses to the property that otherwise wouldn’t be permitted.

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