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JH News & Guide, September 9, 2020

Nitrate warning system sought after Hoback water pollution

District Health Board will consider a system at next meeting to enhance drinking water protections.

Water quality advocates Protect Our Water Jackson Hole and Wyoming Outdoor Council are asking public health officials to alert Jackson Hole residents and launch an investigation whenever a concerning water pollutant, nitrates, climbs above natural levels.

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JH News & Guide, August 26, 2020

Brooks Lake has noxious blue-green algae

Lake is likely state’s highest-elevation water body to have bacteria advisory.

People and their pets have been advised to steer clear of the water due to the WY Department of Health recreational health advisory.

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JH News & Guide, August 4, 2020

Jackson Hole creek users warned of health risks

Tubers, anglers and other folks recreating in two of Jackson Hole’s most central and revered streams are being warned of a health hazard inherent in their outdoor pursuit. Warning signs are soon going up to alert users to potentially dangerous E. coli levels in Fish Creek, along with lower reaches of Flat Creek.

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JH News & Guide, July 31, 2020

E. coli warning signs going up on Fish Creek and Flat Creek

Elevated levels of E. coli in Fish Creek and Flat Creek are leading Teton County’s health officials to put up signs to warn swimmers and float-tubers of the potentially harmful bacteria in the waters.

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JH News & Guide, July 22, 2020

Hoback RV Park put on notice for failing septic system that’s pooling sewage

Discharge possibly went over cliff into the Snake.

Wyoming Outdoor Council and Protect Our Water Jackson Hole submitted a request for investigation to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WY DEQ) after they noticed that the commercial large capacity septic system located at the Hoback RV Park lacked permits to discharge the volume of sewage it was. The owner and operator of the failing septic system has since been sent notices of violation from Teton County and the WY DEQ.

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Buckrail, April 20, 2020

Local organization spearheads wastewater planning initiative

JACKSON, Wyo. — One of Teton County’s greatest assets has always been the abundant, cold and clean water that feeds the Upper Snake River watershed. This watershed sustains the Snake River Alluvial Aquifer, a federally—designated sole-source aquifer that provides drinking water to the residents and visitors of Jackson Hole.

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JH News & Guide, March 11, 2020

Septic regulation redo kicks off – County gets to work on proposed revised septic rules

Mandatory maintenance not a part of the proposal, disappointing water quality advocates.

Teton County is preparing the first update of the community’s septic system regulations in a decade, and water quality advocates are taking the opportunity to push for sweeping reform and more environmentally protective rules.

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Buckrail, February 14, 2020

First public meeting on the Hoback Water Project

For years, certain areas of Hoback Junction have been burdened with drinking water that exceeds nitrate concentration levels deemed unsafe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Teton County formed the Hoback Drinking Water Quality Stakeholder Group was formed last fall to look at options that address drinking water safety issues with guidance from the steering committee comprised of Teton Conservation District and Teton County Engineering and Health Departments. Nearly six months after its formation, the stakeholders, along with Teton County and Teton Conservation District, are ready to present ideas that could help improve the quality of drinking water in Hoback Junction to the public.

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JH News & Guide, February 12, 2020

Water watchdogs ask for Hoback septic investigation

State regulators say they have no conclusions about legality of Hoback water systems.

Wyoming Outdoor Council senior conservation advocate Dan Heilig, an environmental attorney researching compliance with Teton County and state water quality regulations, has asked for an investigation of two large capacity septic systems in Hoback Junction area.

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JH News & Guide, February 5, 2020

With Jackson Hole’s sewage, a treatment tradeoff – Sewage vs. savings on energy

The valley’s wastewater plant now demands less electricity, but some warn that water quality and taxpayers may ultimately take a hit.

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