Protect the Headwaters of Fish Creek from Commercial Sewage Facility

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Dear Mr. Hendon,

I write to submit comments on the draft Permit No. 2023-025/Reference Permit No. 2022-090 that allows Basecamp Teton WY SPV LLC to install a sand mound septic system. This proposed facility, located on state land, is in the headwaters of Fish Creek. Fish Creek is a prized local waterway that is Class 1 Outstanding Water. Fish Creek has already been listed as impaired for e-coli, a known human pathogen linked to sewage and septic facilities. There are important questions about how the proposed project affects wetlands on the site, affects groundwater, and about how much wastewater the project will generate. Fish Creek has been suffering a death of a thousand cuts, and an additional commercial sewage facility only make things worse.

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Please hold a public meeting in Jackson or Wilson to allow the public to share our concerns and be heard.

Thank you for your time and attention.
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