Hoback Clean Water Initiative

Do you live in Hoback? Do you need clean drinking water?

There are potential health impacts if well water is contaminated and has elevated nitrate levels. Learn more about Hoback water quality issues.


Sign up for our free Hoback drinking water delivery service:

The program includes —

• A drinking water dispenser
• F
ree delivery of 5-gallon water bottles every other week
• POWJH will fund up to 5 bottles per delivery

While POWJH led this effort, our community has come together to work collectively for a clean drinking water solution:

  • This initiative is funded by a grant from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.
  • The Jackson Hole Airport assisted by selling their water dispensers to us at half the cost.
  • JH2O Water Conditioning & Filtration worked with POWJH to reduce its delivery costs.

“My family and I recently moved to Hoback, and our well water has nitrates. While the previous owner worked with JH2O very actively and reduced the amount with Reverse Osmosis and UV light, nitrates still appear in testing. As a family with young kids, we are participating in the bottled water service for our drinking water. Every person living in our valley should have direct access to clean water.”
– Hoback Resident

  drinking water dispenser

If you — or someone you know — lives in Hoback and would like to sign up for the free water delivery service, please submit this form.

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  • Specific drop off/pick up location at the residence (Ideally an unlocked garage or mud room where bottles can be left to avoid freezing during the day)
  • Are there any dogs, ice, or other hazards that delivery personnel need to be aware of?

Questions? Email POWJH Water Resources Program Manager, Matt Bambach: matt@protectourwaterjh.org