About Protect Our Water Jackson Hole

Our Mission

To serve as a powerful advocate for reducing nutrient pollution and protecting water quality in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, now, and for the future.


About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We began as Friends of Fish Creek (FOFC). The work we did as FOFC allowed us to recognize that the effects of nutrient pollution evident in Fish Creek extends far beyond the Westbank of the Snake River, seriously threatening water quality throughout Jackson Hole.  Therefore, we have taken on a new county-wide mission and a new name – Protect Our Water Jackson Hole. Water pollution in our seemingly pristine valley is caused by nutrients from several sources that threaten serious damage to the environment, human health, and economy across Teton County, Wyoming. Essential solutions to our nutrient pollution problems are now underway but much more must be done.  We need your help.


Why Friends of Fish Creek is now Protect Our Water Jackson Hole:

  • Our original purpose was solving the nutrient pollution issues on the Westbank, but we have learned that excess nutrients tied to our growing population are degrading water quality throughout Teton County. Disturbing examples of nutrient pollution are already evident in the Hoback area and Kelly, WY.
  • Elevated nitrate levels in groundwater, a sign of contamination, have been documented at several locations across Teton County. 
  • Excess nutrients can cause water quality problems both near and far from the location where they enter rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and groundwater. Reducing nutrients from sources such as wastewater, landscape fertilizer, pets and livestock will require county-wide solutions.
  • Nutrient pollution poses a serious threat to human health, the economy (tourism and property values) and the environment. 
  • Climate change, a growing population and increasing tourism will likely raise the problem of nutrient pollution to crisis levels if action is not taken.

History as Friends of Fish Creek

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Friends of Fish Creek (FOFC) was created in 2014 by a group of long-time Westbank residents who were frustrated after little was being done to address nutrient pollution in Fish Creek. Nutrient pollution in the Fish Creek watershed was well documented in a series of scientific investigations completed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) from 2004-2012. FOFC initiated the formation of the Fish Creek Stakeholders group to work collaboratively with local government, business owners, and residents to reduce nutrient pollution from common sources. The group completed a scientific investigation with the USGS in 2015 that estimated nutrient inputs to the Fish Creek and proceeded to conduct research and implement programs to reduce nutrient pollution. It was during this process that it became evident that nutrient pollution extended beyond the Westbank of the Snake River and poses a serious threat to human health, the environment, and economy of Teton County, Wyoming. As a result, in 2019 Friends of Fish Creek became Protect Our Water Jackson Hole.

Executive Director

  • Dan Leemon

Board Members & Officers

  • Brad Nielson – President, Director
  • Bob Peters – Vice President, Director
  • Bob Paulson – Secretary/Treasurer, Director
  • Ken Taylor – Director
  • Les Gibson – Director
  • Reynolds Pomeroy – Director
  • Fred Staehr – Director
  • John Culbertson – Director
  • Kristin Revill – Director
  • Perk Perkins – Director
  • Aaron Pruzan – Director
  • Kerri Ratcliffe – Director
  • Valerie Brown – Director