Water Symposium Jackson Hole

Use the links below to view recordings of the presentations:

Part 1: Welcome

Protect Our Water Jackson Hole (POWJH) is the only nonprofit advocacy organization solely dedicated to improving and protecting water quality in Jackson Hole. The Snake River is more than simply a river. This watershed is the life-giving force that sustains our entire ecosystem and community. POWJH is taking action now to ensure this vital resource receives the urgent restoration and protection it requires. If we focus on the future, Jackson Hole, as a headwaters community, could become a shining example of forward-thinking water quality solutions.


Part 2: A Toxic Stew: Human waste and warming water

Hear from other communities dealing with septic contamination issues – from the Cape Cod waterways in Massachusetts to the Upper Missouri and Gallatin Rivers in Montana to National septic issues.


Part 3: Climate Change and its Impact on our Water Resources

With a five-year $20MM grant from the National Science Foundation, the University of Wyoming is researching climate impacts on the nation’s key headwater regions. The first focus is the Snake River Headwaters.


Part 4: Keynote Speaker: Tapping Financing to Modernize Jackson Hole’s Water Resources

Jill Jamieson is a globally recognized leader in infrastructure finance. Ms. Jamieson advises a wide range of federal, state, and local public authorities across the US and the globe, as well as the Executive and Legislative branches.


Part 5: Re-thinking Water: Innovative Water Solutions

Learn about innovative technologies from Frank Blaha from The Water Research Foundation, the leading research group advancing the science of all water as well as other panelists, Jill Jamieson and Guy Alsentzer.


Part 6: Policy Panel: How to solve this as a community and fund it?

The Infrastructure Bill is the single largest investment in water that the federal government has ever made. Discussion Panel and Q&A with Town Council Members, County Commissioners, and State Legislators.


Part 7: Call to Action

To accelerate future clean water solutions, we would like to activate our community of advisors, water enthusiasts, and water industry leaders to invest in our ecosystem and the infrastructure necessary to protect it.



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