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We cannot afford to wait any longer for water quality protections. We need urgent action today to protect and restore our surface waters and groundwater. Several sources for nutrient pollution in our water have been identified. Over 2000 unregulated, aging, and poorly sited septic systems are a major source. A comprehensive water quality planning effort is moving forward and progress is being made, but we are at a tipping point. Our only source of drinking water is being contaminated every day and we can move forward with concurrent actions while we wait for the results. If we want to protect the health of our community, our environment, and the future of our valley, there is much more to be done. The time is now to Protect Our Water, Jackson Hole!


1. Contact your Elected Officials

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Mailing Address:
Board of County Commissioners
P.O. Box 3594
Jackson, WY 83001

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4. Implement Sustainable Home & Lawn Care Practices

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