Teton County Septic System Regulations

In 2020, POWJH submitted public comment on the first revision to the Teton County Septic System Regulations in more than a decade. The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality requires the update to bring Teton County’s regulations up to date with changes to the state regulations in 2018. In March 2021, Teton County released the overdue revised regulations for public comment.

Unfortunately, the revised rules did not go far enough to protect water quality and inexplicably removed “watercourse protection districts,” which today set 150-foot setbacks for the Snake, Gros Ventre, Hoback, and Buffalo Fork rivers with a 50-foot setback from other surface waters. POWJH organized public opposition to the weakened regulations, and ultimately Teton County withdrew the draft revisions.

The County is currently preparing to re-release the draft regulations soon, and POWJH will take a leadership role in ensuring the rules protect drinking water and the environment.