Join the Community Movement

There are a variety of ways you can support the community movement to protect our waters. Click the option below that works best for you to get more information. Your support will make a difference in funding Friends of Fish Creek’s programs including; Collaborative Solutions, Research & Monitoring, Best Management Practices, and Education & Outreach.

All Stakeholder meetings are open to the public. Find out when then next meeting is and joining the community effort to improving and restoring water quality in Fish Creek.

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A soil test will tell you how much, if any, fertilizer your lawn needs. Contact Teton Conservation District for information about Soil Tests.

Teton Conservation District

Clean Water for SPET

Our community has an opportunity to prioritize clean water through the upcoming Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET).

Once-in-a-generation Federal funding opportunities are now available for clean water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. However, these funding sources will require local government to provide matching funds. Support the #15 Water Quality Projects SPET measure which will provide these matching funds.